Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Keepsake Box with Photo Tutorial

Do you have lots of patterned paper scraps laying around waiting to be used? If so, a Keepsake Box is a fun project and makes a great gift. I made this Keepsake Box for my youngest niece's birthday. She keeps all the cards I send to her and now she has a special Keepsake Box made especially for her. The list of supplies are simple: Mod Podge, foam brushes, plain photo storage box, patterned paper, embellishments, your favorite Bugaboo Digi Stamps and markers.

First, gather your supplies and layout some newspaper to protect your work surface.

Second, decide how you want to arrange your patterned papers and trim as needed. I found the thinner papers work best on areas that you need to bend.

Third, start painting the photo box with the Mod Podge in sections, place your patterned paper and smooth with your fingers as you go. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the top of the paper making sure the sides seal. Continue this process over the entire storage box.

Fourth, select your digital images. I used colored images because they are vibrant and quick. However, you have to be careful applying the Mod Podge to the top because the ink has a tendency to smear. I colored one image with Copic markers and had no problem with smearing. Die cut images to the desired size.

Fifth, select any embellishments you desire. I used sticker letters to spell my niece's name and several punched butterflies from my box of extras.

Note: You will need to allow drying time for the sides of the box before turning and working. A second coat of Mod Podge can be applied after the first coat is dry.

Here is the finished Keepsake Box:





Thanks for stopping by and I hope this project has inspired you to use those paper scraps along with a few of your favorite Bugaboo Digi Stamps.


  1. What a great gift - your niece will love this! Your project is a great idea!

  2. Great tutorial!! Love it Andrea.
    Lynn aka Lynnpenguin, Bugaboo DT


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