Sunday, December 3, 2017

Rescued Kitten

This past week was spent watching for this tiny stray kitten we spotted in our yard. It was eating old birdseed under our front tree and then hiding in a bush. We put food out for several days but couldn't get close to it, so we borrowed a trap and finally caught her on Friday. Unfortunately we couldn't find a shelter that would take a feral kitten, so we took her to our veterinarians for treatment. We have set up a Go Fund Me account to cover her rescue expenses. This definitely wasn't in our holiday budget but we couldn't let her starve or get injured. The poor thing is only 8 weeks old, malnourished, had fleas and we are still waiting on the results for intestinal parasites.

The good news is she is clean, safe, warm and staying in our master bathroom. I know many of you are kitty lovers and if you feel like donating to her rescue fund we would greatly appreciate the help!


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